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Before you get started

we ask that you review the steps we'll be taking to get your project completed! 

1. Design Survey

Easy To use.png

Congrats! You're here! You'll fill out this survey on your own or book your initial consultation with your project manager and fill it out together (recommended)! 

Durations Approx: 40 mins

4. Upload and format your own content.png

2. Book Consultation

You can use your Initial consultation to fill out the survey with your designer or to review your design process at any point. While your project only includes 1 initial consultation and 1 follow up consultation, we happily offer you the ability to schedule a free consultation if needed.

Durations Approx: 30 mins


3. Review Initial Build

Once your initial site build is completed, your project manager will send you an email asking you to review your site and submit your 1st round of edits. 

Your initial site build is not expected to be the finished version of your site and is a basic initial site to ensure that the template, layout and aesthetics are on the right track.

A New Way to Be Seen Online Blog Thumbnail.png

4. Edit Round 1-3

Let's get your site done! Tell us what you like, what you don't and what we should change. This is your moment to get things just right.

1. Ensure the content on your site is top-notch.png

5. Hosting 

Purchasing hosting on your own? 

If you've paid in full for services, your project manager will transfer the website to your Wix account. You'll need to purchase your premium plan, hosting, and domain, get them connected to your website, and publish it online. 


6. Launch

If you've opted into a purchase agreement and are paying monthly, you must pay off  the remaining amount of your purchase agreement or pay Zoek for hosting. Your website cannot be transferred to you until your services have been paid for in full. 

If you have any questions about these steps or anything pertaining to your project, please let your project manager know during your initial consultation or feel free to send them an email! 

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